7. CD Montage

Finally got signed up to all the website i need to help me with this portfolio. Think some will come in useful, don't know about Twitter, there isn't much to it. These were task's 1-6 in the booklet, so completed those today.
 Also completes task 7, which was to create a collage of our favourite CD covers. So i selected these covers shown below in my collage. There is a range of genres, but i like the covers of them as they are all different and interesting. I put this together using photoshop. By saving the CD covers from google images, then opening them up into photoshop.We had to unlock the images by double clicking on the lock, in the sidebar beside the image selected. By unlocking it i was then able to drag it into the blank canvas for my collage. I then rearrange the covers in an interesting way but so that they are still visable to see.I save this as a JPG. Next task is to make a powerpoint and explain the effects etc of the CD covers.


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