18. My completed magazine cover and contents

12. Planning and Development of College Magazine

11. Research of existing college/university magazines

Here is a presentation I made analising existing collage/university magazines. Enjoy (: Research of existing college/university magazines
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Evaluation Of CD Cover

Completed CD Covers

For my front cover i wanted to show the genre of crunkcore, scene type music. To create this look i needed to make fun and rebellious. I also wanted to show that the band is serious about there music they make. Overall i am pleased with the outcome as i have used bright colours which make it look fun. The image is posed, a grudged, dark look which make it look like the music could be depressing like . The black and white, gives it a more serious look to the CD, if i left it in its natrual colour, it wouldn't look so serious. Although the bright colours i have used behind the text ect has given it a more fun and stands out so it gives the effect of standing out on CD shelves. Also the colours scream out because they are bright, and crunkcore consists of screaming.
On both covers i have added light effects to the images. On the front cover i have used the light effect in the middle so it makes the girl stand out more and darken around the image so it gives a grudge look. On the back i have used the light effect on the left side of the image so its on the bin and brings out the text more. Also it darkens the girl on the bin and also adds the grudge, dark depressing mood.
The typeface is more rebellious the name of the band 'Ok!No!' is different from the rest of the text i have used, this is because it contrasts with differetial of music, there music isn't like no others and they want to stand out. This it what makes it rebellious, because they don't want to be the same.
If i was to do this again, i would add more colour, may add the effect of showing one colour from the image and the rest black and white or use more bright colours. Also take the picture so it had more in it so i wouldn't have add cropped peices from the original image. The typface i used for the song names and album name i would change to a more readable and clear font as you can't make out what it says with the way some letters are written. Maybe try out a text from photoshop instead of going to dafont.com
But overall i am pleased with the out come and looks like a proffesional CD that would maybe get on the shop shelves if i was sell this. I think it stands out well and i have used a range of effect to produce the cover.