26. Audience Research

Target audience survey
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In conclusion to this survey, i will include in my magazine these things -

- A freebie on the front of my magazine. This freebie will be a CD. It will be situated at the bottom, third left, so that the buyer will see it and catch there eye of interest.
-Ii will include in the skyline, on the frint cover, information on upcomeing gigs and festivals.
-My magazines story will be about a new CD release from a newly signed on artists and an exclusive photoshoot and interveiw with them, which will be featured on the front as well.
- On the contents page i will include reveiws of bands, gigs, festivals, CD releases,new bands on the scene, recommended bands to see, merchandise that can be purchased and special offers. Also on the contents, i can have an advertisment.
- Also adding to the contents i can have a storyline that says 'top 5 music video websites'
-For the advertisement i could adertise the magazines offical group on facebook and myspace to gain readership of the magazine.
- Another headline for the contents can be about were people can find new bands and artists.
- The majority of people who took my survey onlt paid a bare minimum of £10 on physical and downloaded music. To add to the contents can have a story about ' best way to access cheap/free music' .
-I will need to add a barcode and price for the magazine which will be priced at £3 as it will include a free CD.
- My magazine will need to have some sort of genre to it. i can see from my survey that the most popular of genres was indie and rock, which i can combine together as they aere similar and make it and indie and rock music magazine .


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